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About me the inventor

I’ve been an artist for almost forty years; at midlife I learned about health problems caused by people having a cellphone next to their body, so I utilized my talent and created logical, necessary cellphone accessories. I invented products that will help people protect themselves from infertility, something that would develop because people are carrying their cellphone in a pants pocket.  My inventions would help protect people and the sales plan is fun.

Because of the cellphone accessories I invented is the reason someone had my van sent over a cliff. Also its clear to me, with what's still going on with my body, there was an intent to stop me.

I was in Bodega Bay, then I woke up in the Santa Rosa hospital.

There's more information, after the book description, on the "events and medical condition" page.

I love having a cellphone, but I always use and carry the device a legal distance from my body.

I am an artistic person that could do most anything, but now because of the murder attempt 

the task of cracking an egg is a ridiculous thing.

-Barbara Jo Wurden

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