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About me the inventor

I’ve been an artist for almost forty years; at midlife, I learned about health problems caused by people having a cellphone next to their body, so I utilized my talent and created logical, necessary cellphone accessories. I invented products that would help people protect themselves from becoming infertile, which is something that would likely happen if a person carry's their cellphone in their pants pocket.  

I feel the reason someone had my van sent over a cliff is because of the cellphone accessories I invented.  Also its clear to me, with what's still going on with my body, they planned the crash of me in my van to have a suicide-appearance.

I left a restaurant in Bodega Bay, then I woke up in the Santa Rosa hospital.

(There's more information, on the "what they did to me" page).

I love having a cellphone, but I always use and carry the device a legal distance from my body.

My inventions wouldn't be needed if people would demand that cellphone manufacturers make their products undamaging to human body.  If that was the case, people wouldn't want my inventions for safety reasons, however they would want them for different reasons.

I am an artistic person that could do most anything, but now  

the task of cracking an egg is a ridiculous thing.

-Barbara Jo Wurden

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